Keep it local. Keep it simple.

Boston Techscene

A Community Project

As proud Boston natives, we’re thrilled to see the region’s tech scene grow. Our city’s unique approach to startups and deep appreciation for innovation has empowered smart entrepreneurs to set up roots here, and we’re honored to be a part of that community.

We were asked a simple question by a local angel investor and start up mentor: Would we be interested in developing a way to highlight all of the startups in Boston. Not a few. Not some. All of them.

When considering something as fluid and diverse as the region’s startup world, we knew this project would require a build that was somehow uncomplicated but sleek, grounded yet adaptable. We were in.


It’s Not the Hardest Approach;
It’s the Right Approach.

As we began to develop the project, a few things became apparent.

It was important the final deliverable function as a true content hub, able to be scaled or updated dynamically with ease. Additionally, this application needed to showcase the density of the Boston startup scene relative to its limited physical space by using clear visualizations, streamlined data, and an intuitive UX. From jobs created, to funding, to neighborhood concentrations, we wanted to put the scene on the map.

So we did. Literally.

We partnered with another local design team, and as a group, recognized it was paramount that the data supplied to the client be up-to-date and refreshed at high speeds. Also, once retrieved, that data needed to be displayed cleanly.

We integrated with CrunchBase’s API, building a connection to deliver data and page loads in under a second. Thoughtful code meant fewer throughputs and a quicker, more reliable site.

The final product came to life as the TechScene @ Boston interactive map – a way to visualize just how fast this scene was growing, that also reflected the large imprint Boston startups had on the world despite their small footprint.

Boston Pride

What started as a simple idea immediately captured the attention of the local scene. The site garnered recognition from startups happy to see the community celebrated – it was a juxtaposition of all the bright and innovative Boston minds.

Yet Boston wasn’t the only region to take notice. Soon, other metropolises were adopting the idea and creating their own startup maps. Likewise, the phenomenon was featured in major publications such as Boston Business Journal. We also found ourselves at the unexpected center of much of the attention. Our developers are still asked to lecture at universities, tech meet-ups, and startup community events to discuss our philosophies on systems architecture, site development, and the relationship between form and function – all on which were on display with the TechScene @ Boston project.

Most importantly, the project shined a light on Boston. In a city filled with smart, hard-working people, press accolades and national attention will always take second place to the compliments and congratulations we received from peers.

It was such a simple idea. But it meant so much to those who were proud to call themselves part of the Boston community. Us included.