Are We a Good Fit?

Not everyone we meet is ready for us.

We might be a good fit if…

  1. Your product costs too much to maintain.

    Outdated systems, poor choices, and tech debt can slow you down and needlessly increase the headcount required to maintain your products and business.

    We’re experts at streamlining your stack, automating rote tasks, and shrinking your overhead.

    Read how we saved PLT4M and Informa Global Markets hundreds of thousands annually in our case studies.

  2. It takes your team too long to ship.

    We see it all the time. Estimates are blown, dates are pushed out again and again, and the morale of the team suffers.

    OBLSK engineers are experts at integrating with your team and diagnosing what might be wrong with your process and people.

    After we diagnose, we’ll introduce changes that increase your team’s output and morale.

  3. You’ve got a big challenge on tap.

    Nothing gets our team energized like a big challenge. Whether its an aggressive deadline, a Herculean technical lift, or just uncharted territory, we’re ready for it. Reach out now.


We might not be a good fit if…

  1. You’re looking for a deal.

    We’re not the cheapest shop in town. We’ve been at this a long time and we know how to do it right - so your stuff works as intended and scalable while remaining maintainable.

    We’re not a good fit if all you care about is getting the lowest price. In fact, many of our rescue clients end up at our doorstep because that’s how they got in their predicament in the first place.

    They went with the lowest price.

    You get what you pay for in tech. And the software that runs your business isn’t a place to pinch.

    Our roster of happy clients would agree. They spend north of 700k for 12 month engagements while having a small team solve their most pressing business problems.

  2. You’re a first time founder / this is your first rodeo.

    To truly understand the OBLSK difference and appreciate the value we bring, you’ve likely got to attempt to get your problems solved elsewhere before - with another shop or in-house. 

    We’re happy to have you on board if it’s your first rodeo, don’t get us wrong.

    But most of our clients understand how the sausage is made and the difference super-senior specialists bring to the table. 

    We’re happy to have a conversation about your needs if you’re new to this, but we’ve found that most tire-kicker types end up going with a cheaper option.

    And that’s fine. We’ll see you later in about 18 months when it needs to be rebuilt.


Rescue and digital transformation of an educational fitness product

OBLSK stabilized the platform and made bug fixes and feature enhancements until the business was ready for a full product rewrite. The rebuild allowed PLT4M to expand new product initiatives and land larger deals.

75% reduction dev team headcount
59 ms response time
PLT4M Work Image


Taking over a global energy company’s software after key departures left little-to-no product support

Due to a lack of technical documentation and some internal departures, Enel X was unable to support and maintain its current software. They approached OBLSK to enhance and optimize the performance of their software in an extremely accelerated timeline.

90% reduction in avg. response times
66% reduction in project timeline
Enel Work Image