Rescue and digital transformation of an educational fitness product

75% reduction

dev team headcount

59 ms

response time
product illustration

PLT4M was a rescue project that was initially built with Angular paired with a .NET Framework backend and Nativescript for mobile. Before OBLSK stepped in, PLT4M’s product was going down in production weekly.

OBLSK tackled more than 10 product transformations in the past, so we were confident we could handle PLT4M’s challenges. We took over, stabilized the platform, and made bug fixes and feature enhancements until the business was ready for a full product rewrite. The rebuild allowed PLT4M to expand new product initiatives and land larger deals.


  • Product was failing in production weekly
  • 10 years into the business, poor infrastructure, periodic outages, never-ending bugs, an inability to feature-build without risk culminated in an almost-business-ending crash.


  • An initial strategic engagement quickly turned into OBLSK taking over from the previous development team from the CTO level down. 
  • Stabilized code and cloud infrastructure to keep production systems from going down
  • Refactored existing code to improve performance
  • Rebuilt the entire product from the ground up with a modern web and mobile platform moving from .NET to Ruby on Rails


  • OBLSK stabilized the business and helped strategically pivot through Covid - overcoming the challenges of adding distance learning features and delivery of video content during lockdown.
  • New rebuild expanded new product initiatives that helped to land larger, district-wide deals
  • OBLSK replaced the legacy development team of 4 with 2 developers for the full product rebuild. And now a single lead developer maintains and builds all new features - saving PLT4M time and money.
  • PLT4M is extremely happy with OBLSK and they’re still a trusted partner


  • Rescue and digital transformation

Project duration

  • 4 years and running

Technologies used

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Hotwire
  • Turbo Native: iOS
  • Turbo Native: Android
  • Postgresql
  • Sidekiq
  • Heroku
  • Tailwind

In our time of need, we implored OBLSK to take us on as a client. They dove right in and worked tirelessly to right the ship. Over the months and years since, OBLSK has become a resource we greatly respect, and rely on to help grow the business. 

Finally, we felt our company, our dream, was in competent, trustworthy hands. OBLSK is more than just a software development service. In OBLSK, we found a savior, a trusted partner, and a competitive advantage all rolled into one.

Sam Breslin

Cofounder of PLT4M


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