Integrating a residential real estate listings platform with a home equity valuation product

100 days

to integrate an acquired product

17 months

of continued engagement
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Homebot acquired Nest Ready, a residential real estate listings platform, that needed to be fully integrated with Homebot’s home equity valuation product. We were asked to integrate this acquired tech product in 100 days.

Through our extensive experience consolidating products in the financial services industry, we had the skills needed to pull off a technical product integration of this size. OBLSK played important roles in planning, strategizing, and implementation that resulted in stellar results while meeting the aggressive deadline.


  • Homebot acquired Nest Ready, a residential real estate listings platform, that needed to be fully integrated with Homebot’s home equity valuation product
  • Planning, strategizing, and implementing Homebot’s first large product integration in 100 days
  • Quickly getting up to speed with the new client due to the aggressive timeline


  • Scoped the deliverables with escape hatches (simple fallbacks in response to potential schedule pressure) where available
  • Integrated a newly acquired product utilizing Ruby on Rails and React
  • Implemented working end-to-end data flows within Homebot’s custom data pipeline product using Ruby on Rails and AWS
  • Regularly met with the internal product team to understand feedback from customers
  • Actively assisted in the user study process run by Homebot’s in-house UX/UI team


  • Completed the product acquisition integration in 100 days
  • Resulted in an extension of our contract to work on other projects
  • Homebot was able to enter the online residential real estate listings market in 2022


  • Product acquisition integration

Project duration

  • Phase 1: 2.5 months
  • Phase 2: 9.5 months
  • Phase 3: 5 months

Technologies used

  • Ruby on Rails
  • AWS
  • React

We successfully delivered on the 100 day goal of getting the Home Search experience to our users. [OBLSK] helped follow through to expose the codebase across our team.

Quality of the work, pragmatism, and optimizing around business goals were always prioritized.

Chad Calhoun

VP of Engineering, Homebot


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