Informa Global Markets

Overhauling a global financial services company’s infrastructure


saved in server infra costs annually
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Informa’s old infrastructure lacked a strong foundation, creating various problems regarding speed, accuracy, scalability, and security. Because of the antiquated platform, its internal team was struggling to keep up with the demands of the business.

OBLSK replatformed the entire business to fix performance issues, security risks, and costly backend architecture. This resulted in a more scalable, safe, and user-friendly platform that generated higher engagement and reduced server infrastructure costs and licensing by more than $250K annually.


  • Outdated platform (built in 2000) experienced performance issues
  • Archaic and costly servers created concern for lack of security and scalability
  • Backend lacked a modern and efficient design with an overburdened cost structure
  • Major security issues


  • Conducted a technical assessment of the product to fully understand the challenges that were required to get the platform back on track
  • Eliminated costly servers and migrated to a more secure, modern cloud-based server solution hosted on Amazon Web Services
  • Introduced open source software to the company’s stack, giving them a more dependable, accessible, and scalable platform that could adapt to their iterations and growth
  • Created a modern API tailor-fit to the new platform, allowing for the development of a new web based application that gave customers greater access to information
  • Designed and developed a high “throughput” infrastructure to ensure that the millions of outgoing monthly emails and important communications no longer hit bottlenecks, regardless of their user-base’s growth 
  • Worked with the company to design and develop a great user experience by:
    • Updating the platform’s web-based dashboard
    • Utilizing faceted search for text based content
    • Implementing intelligent tagging that we integrated with faceted search
    • Build a fully custom deal search platform


  • Delivered a simplified, future-proof overhaul
  • Provided a scalable and safe platform
  • Reduced server infrastructure costs and licensing by more than $250K annualy
  • Enabled existing development team to focus on innovation and quick problem solving rather than refactoring legacy code
  • Dramatically increased search times through sophisticated yet simple code
  • Generated higher engagement rates due to the user-friendly dashboard


  • Digital transformation

Project duration

  • 12 months

Technologies used

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Ember.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • Elastic Search



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